About the game :::

The game ''Dark Horizons'' takes the player to the very beginning of the Second Era of Enosta Universe, about a century before the disappearance of the legendary cruiser ''Talestra''.

This chronicle begins on a date which became a judgment day for many races of the Galaxy, when a new form of Mirk came into existence, later to be called ''De'Khete''. The player takes part in these events as a member of the race of Guardians. Once human, now transformed by the Mirk, the Guardians created their own world and found the strength to confront the incoming menace.

''Dark Horizons'' is a look at the past of the world through the eyes of those who are currently the spawns of the Mirk, and who's victories could give hope to many. During the missions, the player will have to go through a long and exhausting defense of the place that became the second home to the Guardians, fighting alongside the people transformed by the Mirk, who's powers lay beyond human comprehension.

This is a story about the warriors of Vattar Ama'Dan fortress, called to defend the construction of the ''Light Core'', which would save billions of lives later on. Their heroism is immortalized in the Tarr Chronicles, the dark annals of the dying galaxy of Enosta.

  Features :::
  • A hybrid technology of two races, the Guardians and Bioses, is an example of cooperation against a common threat. More powerful ships of unusual construction, more powerful weapons.

  • Shadow mode allows you to become invisible to your enemies for a short period of time, while Corter mode significantly improves the power of your weapons. Only a skilful combination of these two modes will allow the player to complete the game.

  • Now you have the option of constructing not only special devices for your ship, but also new weapons. Having studied the enemy, the player will be able to assemble a more effective combat equipment in any quantities, limited only be the available resources.

  • Interacting with your allies will allow you to deal with difficult enemies more effectively.